Home Games That Could Be a Teaching Media for Children

playing a game with dad

As a parent, you may be wondering how to begin teaching your children about everything. You can instruct your children while staying at home from small to big things. The learning process could be fun in many ways. For instance, parents can invite their children to play some games. The games can vary, but try to choose the games that could give many lessons for children. Some parents decided to play some board games, such as Scrabble or Monopoly. From those games, the children can learn mathematics and strategy. Therefore, children can also improve their cognitive skills. These are some games that you could play with your children at home;

home game

Sorting and Stacking

We only serve about a dime, nickel, dime, and quarter for my kids, but don’t be afraid to include half dollars, dollar coins, and dollar bills if you wish. Be sure to point out the different sizes and values of each currency. Then ask your child to accumulate pennies in stacks of 10 and explain that there will be one penny left with this stack, etc. This game allows your child to start counting 5 and 10, which will lead to the ability to calculate the correct change.

Coin Cards

Paste or glue together each of the many types of coins you teach on the catalog cards. Show the front of the cash on one card and the back on another. Ask your child to identify each currency and its value. Immediately shuffle the index cards into a large stack and have your child match each coin’s front and back. If he produces a match, ask for the correct title and value of the currency. If he/she can provide a game, ask your child to tell you the name and the value of the coin. If the cards do not match, put them down, and let your child try.

Candy Shop

Set up a pretend candy store in your home. Offer different sections of unique candy for purchase. Give your child a bag full of coins to receive the item of their choice. Ask your child to give you the fair cash to pay for the item. As your child gets into the game, they can purchase multiple things at once, or you can raise the price to find a more challenging game.

Go Fishing

Attach price tags to each fishtail with a paper clip. Find or make a small fishing pole with a magnetic end to find a hook. Give each child a bag of coins and teach them how to fish in the pond. We use a blue disc snow sled for our pond, but other pond ideas include a substantial container or bucket to hold the fish. To make this game a little more advanced, increase the fish’s cost to see if your child can make the right change.

Bank Teller

This game might sound a bit challenging for many children. However, you can simplify the rules of this game. You must explain the instruction slowly to make them understand it well. The first thing is to place a pretend lender in your home using a toy laptop and some change. Help them choose the right currency to spend. To play a more challenging game, look at redeeming multiple tests at once …